On this page you will find some of the more note worthy projects I’ve been working on. Please note that this page does not contain all my code & projects.
Most, though not all, of my projects (including those not listed here) are open source and can be found om my GitHub: https://www.github.com/xorinzor

Topdesk Export script

An export script for Topdesk Tickets


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A toplist website for minecraft servers.


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A music system written as an extension for the Pagekit CMS.

This is a new and improved version from Shoutzor-Reloaded.

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Google Polymer test App

A small test application to learn to work with Google Polymer.


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A CMS written in PHP that aims towards providing a stable and powerful foundation for any kind of web application

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A Ticket System built upon the CakePHP framework


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Web Brawl

A 2D javascript multiplayer brawl game I'm working on


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Shoutzor Reloaded

A music system written in my own PHP CMS & LiquidSoap


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Heroes 3 web version

An attempt at rewriting the Heroes 3 game in Javascript canvas


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